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We Handle the Out With The Old

So you can focus on the in with the new.



Meet Murco— Chicagoland's Free Waste Diversion Service  

 Working seamlessly within your construction & design timeline, we will swiftly broker or donate outgoing building materials from your renovation project. Our services are free and benefit all involved: Sellers, Buyers, and The Environment


Let us handle the resale or donation of your used materials. Get in touch today & see how Murco can save you time, earn you money, and take waste diversion completely off of your plate. For free. 

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How  It Works

Whether you've got a couple appliances to clear out or an entire home deconstruction project, we can help by donating the materials or reselling your materials for profit.


Recieve generous tax deductions by having Murco to coordinate the donation of your materials. We oversee every aspect of the process— from arranging the appraisal, to the careful deconstruction, to the donation of your materials to our non-profit partners.

  • Earn major tax deductions
  • Drastically reduce your disposal costs
  • Do right by your community & Mother Earth


With Murco, you earn money from materials you were prepared to throw away. We handle every aspect of the resale of your materials. First, we measure, carefully catalogue and photograph all of your items. Then, we market your materials to our thousands of subscribers actively looking for salvaged materials. That means, we can get you the best return on your inventory in the shortest amount of time.

  • Earn 40% of total profit on things you no longer need
  • Drastically reduce your disposal costs
  • Do right by Mother Earth

Why Murco?

For 29 years, we've been the go-to Waste Coordinators for professionals looking for eco-friendly diversion options for their  outgoing materials. 

Designers can focus solely on installation knowing that the outgoing materials are being professionally managed by Murco. Your client can earn a generous percentage from the sale of goods they were prepared to throw away. And together, we divert thousands of tons of useful materials from the landfill. Now that's what we call a win-win-win.


Waste diversion isn't your job, but you want to go above and beyond for your client. That's where we come in. Let us assess your client's outgoing materials, present them with the best diversion options, and coordinate the removal. Operating autonomously and seamlessly with your construction schedule, we're all about saving you time.

Elevate Your Service

More and more people are seeking alternatives to wasteful demolition and expensive deconstruction. By appointing your client with a Waste Coordinator at no additional cost to you or your client you save your client on disposal costs and ensure your client is fully taken care of for every step of their renovation.

Show Commitment to Green Construction

Make Murco your go-to Waste Coordination experts to show a commitment to recycling and reuse. We're passionate about our work and doing our part for the planet. Learn more about our recycling awards & honors. 


Let's Work Together

PHONE: (708) 352-4111