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Remodel with Salvaged Materials. Save a Small Fortune. 


Murco sells top-of-the-line building materials from Chicago area homes for a fraction of the retail price. 


Have outgoing materials from a renovation or decon project? Sell or donate through Murco

When our contractor told us that we would have to pay for demolition of the kitchen and also pay for the dumpster, I knew there had to be some other way. My friend recommended Murco Recycling. They came, measured the space, put it up for auction, and on a scheduled date, out my old kitchen went. We were shocked at how smooth the process went. Best of all, it was a win-win situation for us. We made money on a kitchen we were going to get rid of anyway AND we didn’t have to pay for the demolition and dumpster!
— BECKY K., 7/15

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Shop high-end salvaged materials from beautiful Chicagoland area homes for a fraction of the retail price.
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Renovation Inspiration

Salvage Success Stories from Your Fellow Murco Warriors.

The Palmolive building in Chicago was renovating & no longer had use for this beautiful  kitchen worth about $150,000.
Meanwhile, Jodi's kitchen in LaGrange was in need of a major upgrade. She scored the complete Palmolive kitchen for $15,000 and began installation!
Jodi drastically increased the value & aesthetic of her home, the seller made over $25,000 by diverting materials, and 1.33 tons were diverted from the landfill. 



The Mighty Murco Team

We are a family-run business dedicated to doing our part for the planet.


29 years

in business

1000's of tons

of materials saved from the landfill


environmental & recycling awards


recycled properties & counting


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