How To Sell Through Murco

1. Tell us about your materials using the form on this page. Pictures aren't necessary but they sure help!
2. We arrive on-site to take photos & measurements of your items.
3. We advertise your items online to our thousands of subscribers.
4. The winning bidder(s) arrives to remove their purchases.
5. You receive 40% of the sale profit, ensure your project meets state-mandated recycling and building debris requirements, and rest easy knowing your materials have got a new lease on life. 

Why Murco?

We’ve been doing this for 29 years, and we still approach every project with fresh perspective. This mentality allows us to tailor every auction to your demolition timeline and site restrictions. Our expansive experience allows us to quickly write original, engaging content for every item of you have available. Our large audience fosters a competitive bidding environment that ensures you get you the biggest bang for your buck. 

What Materials Are We Looking For?

Murco only features the best of the best in the way of materials. That means, if you’ve got outdated appliances and composite cabinets that have seen better days, it may not be for us (these are the materials our buyers are usually trying to replace in their own homes). The most successful sellers are those in a position where they unfortunately need to remodel a fabulous but not-quite-their-style home. Our buyers also love historical finds or antiques. Original wainscoting, beveled moulding… stuff like that. Drop us a line to let us know what you've got!