How Our Service Works

For 29 years, we've been the go-to Waste Coordinators for Chicagoland homeowners looking for eco-friendly diversion options for their outgoing materials. 

 Sellers can swiftly earn money by redistributing goods they no longer need, buyers can score incredible finds for pennies on the dollar, and we get to ensure that thousands of tons of high-end materials find new homes.

Now that's what we call a win-win-win


1. Submit Your Materials

kitchen example.jpg

We accept everything from high-end appliances, to architectural antiques,  to entire luxury kitchens and bathrooms. Have an entire teardown? We can handle that too. 

2. Choose to Donate Your Materials or Earn a Generous Percentage of the Profits

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Murco will happily coordinate the deconstruction and donation of your outgoing materials to fantastic local non-profits. Or, choose to earn cash on materials you were prepared to throw away. As an auction company, our competitive bidding environment between buyers allows you to get the biggest return on your materials.

Learn how a charitable donation can off-set the costs of your demolition

3. Murco Catalogues & Markets Your Inventory


We measure & appraise all of your materials in person. Then, we market your inventory to our thousands of subscribers actively seeking salvaged materials. Our large consumer database allows us to find new homes for your materials swiftly and efficiently.

4. Your Materials are Swiftly Removed


Working seamlessly with your construction schedule, we coordinate all removals and purchase pick-ups. By letting us take care of the "out with the old" you can focus on the "in with the new." 



Renovation Inspiration

Salvage Success Stories from Your Fellow Murco Warriors.

The Palmolive building in Chicago was renovating & no longer had use for this beautiful  kitchen worth about $150,000.
Meanwhile, Jodi's kitchen in LaGrange was in need of a major upgrade. She scored the complete Palmolive kitchen for $15,000 and began installation!
Jodi drastically increased the value & aesthetic of her home, the seller made over $25,000 by diverting materials, and 1.33 tons were diverted from the landfill.