Indoor Motorized Stairlift Chair & Track | FLASH SALE

Indoor Motorized Stairlift Chair & Track | FLASH SALE


The Bruno Elite stairlift puts the "fun" in functional. Take it home and you too can experience the smooth ride!

  • Minimum Asking Price: $1800.00
  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Removal Status: Buyer is responsible for removal
  • Availability: Available immediately! In fact, the sooner you can remove, the better!
  • Track Measurements: approx. 22.5 lineal ft of track, 11" H,  is composed of three 5' sections and one curved section at approx. 7.5'. There are eleven 10" adjustable height track holders.
  • Chair Measurements: 
    • Seat pad size: 17.5 in x 15 in deep; Footrest size: 10 in long x 9 in deep; Adjustable width armrests: Up to 21.75 in between arms
  • Specs
    • Model #: CRE-2110
    • Serial #: 13090340006; Manufactured in 2013.
  • Power - Two 12 volt batteries. Charges at top or bottom of stairs or optional mid-park position

  • Safety - Obstruction sensors, seat belt, and offset swivel seat 

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