WoodMode Built-In

WoodMode Built-In


Maximize your stowage without taking up much space!

WoodMode built-in cabinetry with an interesting stripped Zambrano finish. Funky and functional - a 2 fer! Now don't let the jumbley look of the removed cabinets fool you. Remember we arrived on this job after removal had begun. Have vision people!

  • Minimum Asking Price: $600

  • Location: La Grange, IL

  • Removal Status: Professionally removed and ready

  • Availability: NOW!

  • Measurements:

    • 3 base cabinets - 31” x 10”

    • 1 wall unit - 31” x 5’

The total installation when installed is 8 ft length in total, comprised of 3 base cabinets and 1 wall cabinet with open shelving. It's unique, it's insanely cheap and of the highest quality.

Best yet, the work has been done for you. If you're lucky enough to get it, just come get it!

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