Vintage Soda Fountain & Ice Cream Dispensary

Vintage Soda Fountain & Ice Cream Dispensary


Soda jerk? You'd be called much worse than that if you miss out on this rare find.

This is the real deal, folks. A legitimate Knight counter for soda jerks, ice cream slingers, and every character from Grease to gather around. It’s a vintage soda fountain and ice cream station with separate sink and waste unit. Oh yeah, and it’s in outstanding condition.

The house this piece belongs to was designed by famous architect, Edward Dart (the same guy who designed the Water Tower Place!)

  • Minimum Asking Price: $1200

  • Location: Glencoe, IL

  • Availability: Now!

  • Removal Status: Buyer is responsible for the removal

  • Measurements: 65” W x 40” T x 32” D

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