Sub Zero 36" Fridge

Sub Zero 36" Fridge


SubZero panel ready 36” fridge with 2 drawer freezer below
Model: 736 TCI Serial: M2463101 Manufactured in 2006

Minimum Asking Price: $1900.00
Location: Chicago, Il
Availability: Buy now, pick up early January
Removal Status: Buyer is responsible for the professional removal

This right swing fabulous fridge is panel ready and ready for you!

  • 2 drawer freezers below a well designed fridge space

  • Each zone has separate temperature control

  • Counter depth and panel ready. If you buy the kitchen cabinets it’s installed with, you’ll be ahead of the game!

  • Icemaker

This wonderful fridge will last a lot longer than we will! Enjoy! The new Sub Zero’s are going for about $9000.00. Be fancy without losing your pantsies!

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