1926 Pine Paneled Room

1926 Pine Paneled Room


That’s right, people, we’re selling the whole room as is! Incorporate this stately study into your project and we’ll throw in a smoking jacket with ascot and a Manhattan with attitude.

  • Minimum Asking Price: $2500 for the room

  • Location: Glencoe, IL

  • Removal Status: Buyer is responsible for removal. Professional removal is available, but that will require an additional fee.

  • Availability: Available for immediate purchase and removal

  • Measurements: Room measures 13’ x 12.5’ x 104”

    • Door is 33.5” W x 81” T x 2.25” thick

Package includes:

  • Shelving/bookshelves

  • Paneling

  • Single left-swing door. It’s oak on one side, pine on the other, and features a great lockset, too!

  • Fireplace

  • Radiator bench seating

  • 4 steel windows

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