Antique Peg & Plank Flooring

Antique Peg & Plank Flooring


3100 square ft. of oak peg and plank random width quarter-sewn oak flooring. It was installed around 1926. It’s the love child of old world opulence and trust fund city. You’re definitely going to want to walk these planks… in a smoking jacket!

  • Minimum Asking Price: $10,000 for all. That’s less than $4.00/sq.ft!

  • Location: Glencoe, IL

  • Removal Status: Buyer is responsible for removal. Professional removal is available, but that will require an additional fee.

  • Availability: Available for immediate purchase

  • Measurements: Approx. 3100 sq. ft available

    • Plank widths vary from 4”-7”

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