Oxford Universal Antique Enamel Stove

Oxford Universal Antique Enamel Stove


This stove has served its family for the past 42 years!

This is a 1929 Oxford Universal gas stove with green enameled front. There are 4 burners that ignite by a “flamethrower,” 1 oven, 1 broiler, and 2 drawers to house your pots and pans. She broils, she bakes, she stores, she simmers. Made by By Cribben & Sexton in 1929.

  • Minimum Asking Price: $300

  • Location: Chicago, IL

  • Removal: Buyer is responsible for removal

  • Availability: Now!

  • Measurements: 36" H x 40" W x 24" D

  • Model #: 202TNX

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