DCS Grill with Whizbangs Galore

DCS Grill with Whizbangs Galore


This ready and removed natural gas grill is the mack daddy among all others! Made in 2005, it was hardly used, and now it’s been removed for a second chance at life! Comes with everything pictured except the wood cabinet it was housed in.

All this baby needs is a good power wash and a few replacement ceramic rods. They’re all there, but some are broken. That’s no big whoop since these parts are easy and cheap to replace.

  • Minimum Asking Price: $1500

  • Location: La Grange Park, IL

  • Removal Status: Professionally removed and ready for pickup. Buyer should prepare to wrap purchase for transport

  • Availability: Now!

  • Measurements:

    • Grill: 30” x 25” x 26” D

    • Stove-top: 15” x 27” x 10”

Package includes:

  • DCS grill. Made in 2005 | model # BGB-B30-BQRN | serial #: 05B22901A

  • Rotisserie components

  • Outdoor stainless light unit

  • Side burner

  • Valve components to hook up your natural gas

  • Front stainless door panels to stash your BBQ supplies

  • Interior wire slide out drawers

  • Granite counter-top

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