Brookhaven Butler's Pantry/Built-In

Brookhaven Butler's Pantry/Built-In


Entertain yourself silly with this raised panel Brookhaven cherry built-in/butler’s pantry. It is in like new condition with antique glass wall units, glass shelving, granite counter with ogee edge, interior and task lighting, and Marvel wine fridge with integrated front. This unit matches the kitchen cabinetry island.

  • Minimum Asking Price: $950

  • Location: Burr Ridge, IL

  • Availability: Immediate purchase encouraged

  • Removal Status:  Buyer is responsible for removal or payment for professional removal

  • Measurements: Please see photos for more specific dimensions

    • Unit is approx. 125” W

    • Marvel fridge is 24” W

  • Wine Fridge Specs: Made in 2008 | model #: 6SWCE609 | serial #: 20080710081R

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