Antique Arched Entrance & Foyer Door

Antique Arched Entrance & Foyer Door


These doors have had a hard knock life since 1926!

  • Minimum Asking Price: $2500 for the pair

    • Want only one door? Get the entrance for $2000, and the foyer for $500

  • Location: Glencoe, IL

  • Availability: Buy now, and remove in late October!

  • Removal Status: Buyer is responsible for the removal

Curved Entrance Door:

  • 36” x 81” x 2.25” thick

  • Comprised of oak wood with leaded glass insert

  • Right-swing

  • Jamb and hardware/ornamentattion included

Foyer Door:

  • 35.75” x 82” x 2.25” thick

  • Comprised of oak with curved leaded glass insert

  • Right-swing

  • Jam and hardware included

Additional notes: though being sold separately, there are also 2 matching curved closet doors. Should you buy this package and also want those doors, you can get them at a discount of $250.00 for both. The grand total for all 4 doors would be $2750. Now there’s a slammin’ deal!

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