Here’s How To Shop Salvaged With Murco

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You don't have to be a demolition diva, or an auction aficionado to score deals with Murco. We make it really easy & fun.

  1. Browse Our Listings
    See photos, detailed descriptions, and measurements of all of the items that we have available. 

  2. Bid
    Every listing shows an asking price and this is the minimum we can accept for an item. If you are the only bidder, it's yours for that price. If we have multiple interested buyers, we'll sell it to the highest bidder. Bidding allows our sellers to get a fair return on their materials, and gives buyers the opportunity to score high-end items on the cheap.

  3. Remove your purchases
    Sometimes this is as simple as digging up a fern. Other times, it may involve deconstructing an entire kitchen. Either way, count on removing what you buy. We coordinate a time for you to get on-site that works for you and the owners. Every so often, we have inventory that has already been removed. In those cases, all you have to do is pick it up. How neat is that?

Buying Tips

Know Your Measurements 
There are no returns on goods once they’re sold, so make sure you are certain that your purchase will fit into your space/garage/what-have-you. We do our part by meticulously taking measurements and sharing them on our website, but take them with a dose of  "-ish.” We do this to give you a general gist, not the nearest centimeter. It you've only got centimeters to spare, it's best to double-check the numbers with your own trusty measuring tape.

Act fast 
Sometimes we have very little time to move very lovely stuff. Generally, the less time we have on a project, the better the deal, so it’s in your best interest to make quick decisions and pounce on sales as soon as they're posted. 

Ask Us 
Wondering whether or not a certain something will work in your space? We’ll set you straight. Need a good joke for your next building material themed pun-off? We’re on it. We always like it when the phone rings.